UPDATED RFQ – Added bandwagon dimensions and photos for context
City of Erie Bandwagon Vinyl Wrap

Cultures, Arts, Festivals, and Events of Erie (CAFE), a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting the City of Erie’s vision, is accepting qualifications from visual artists, including graphic designers, residing in Erie County for a public art opportunity. Finished artwork for this project will be incorporated into vinyl wraps covering the two City of Erie bandwagons. Artwork should be aesthetically compelling while also communicating aspects of Erie’s past and present identity.

This project aims to artistically portray Erie’s unique identity on the City of Erie’s two bandwagons. This identity should be a cohesive blend of all the stories of Erie, both past and present, that evokes emotion and resonates with all residents. The bandwagons will be seen across Erie County at nearly 40 local events each year.

We are seeking Erie County artists with strong portfolios who are flexible and available to collaborate with project stakeholders on design and able to present their artwork in a print-ready digital format​. ​Once a contract is executed between the artist or artist design team and CAFE, the artist or artist design team will be expected to lead the production of the artwork from concept to delivery. The production and installation of vinyl wraps is not part of the artist’s scope of work.

Please download the file above to review the full RFQ.

Application Requirements
  • Artist (or team) biography
  • C.V. emphasizing relevant experience, whether in graphic design, public art, or working with public agencies or private clients. If applying as a team, please include résumés for all team members.
  • Artist statement that emphasizes the nature of your work and your artistic process
  • Letter of Interest
    • Why are you interested in proposing artwork for this project?
    • What are some previous projects that you completed, if any, that are relatable to this project in size, scope, and budget?
  • Examples of past work (up to 10 images)
  • Artist website and/or social media
  • Additional explanatory text about specific artworks may be added, although this is not required

How to Apply

All materials must be submitted by Friday, Oct. 30, 2020 by 5 p.m. EST.

Materials can be emailed to Maija Carol, Communication Specialist at the City of Erie at . Please put “CAFE Bandwagon RFQ” in the subject line. If an applicant desires to send hard copies, they may do so using the following mailing address:

CAFE Bandwagon RFQ
626 State Street
Room 500
Erie, PA 16501

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