Anticipated Paving Locations Week of July 20, 2020

East 13th (French To State)

East 14th (French to State)

Sassafras (West 7th to West 8th)

Sassafras (West 8th to West 9th)

Sassafras (West 24th to West 26th St.) 

Sassafras (West 21st to 23rd St)

West 4th (Colorado to Connecticut)

West 7th (Cherry to Poplar) 

West 9th (Kahkwa to Delaware)

West 23rd (Berst to Haybarger)

West 36th (Ellsworth to Allegheny)

Oakwood (West 36th to West 38th)

Cascade (West 31st to West 32nd)

Maple (Peach to West 36th)

Cherry (Peach to West 38th)

Peach (West 19th to West 24th)

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