Community Development

Goal 1:

To provide decent housing by preserving the affordable housing stock, increasing the availability of affordable housing and reducing discriminatory barriers.

Goal 2:

To provide a suitable living environment through safer, more livable neighborhoods.

Goal 3:

To expand economic opportunities through more jobs paying self-sufficient wages, home ownership opportunities and development activities that promote long-term community viability.

Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

Federal funding for the Development and Rehabilitation of affordable rental and ownership housing for low and moderate income households.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The primary objective of this federal program is to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment and economic opportunities principally for persons of low and moderate income levels.

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

A federal program designed to help improve the quality of existing emergency shelters for the homeless, to make available additional shelters, to meet the costs of operating shelters and to provide essential social services to homeless individuals and to help prevent homelessness.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

The primary objective of this federal program is to address the rising community issues arising from the mortgage foreclosure crisis. In addressing these issues, the City of Erie has partnered with Housing and Neighborhood Development Services (H.A.N.D.S), the Erie Redevelopment Authority (ERA), and the Bayfront Eastside Taskforce (BEST) to acquire ten (10) abandoned/foreclosed properties in the Little Italy, Central City, and the Bayfront Eastside neighborhoods. Additionally, we have demolished ten (10) blighted homes and have constructed six (6) new single-family homes that are available for purchase to those at less than 120% of median income. We have also provided funding for the rehabilitation of a large apartment building on East 12th Street into six (6) apartments that have been made available for individuals at 50% of median income. These projects will act to stabilize urban neighborhoods that have been hit hard by the national foreclosure crisis.

To obtain additional information and view the NSP homes available for purchase, please utilize one of the links provided below: (BEST) (ERA)

Comprehensive Plans Needs Survey for 5 Year Consolidated Plan

Plans and Documents

City of Erie MBE & WBE Contractors & Vendors (Revised January, 2024)

Please note: The list of contractors provided is NOT a statement of endorsement by the City of Erie.

For additions and revisions to the list, please contact Veronica Fields at (814) 870-1263 or

Company NameStatusAddressTelephoneEmailDescription
Abolish Pest ManagementWBE1411 East Lake Rd., Erie, PA  16511(814) 456-PEST n/a Pest Management, Supplies and Service
Blue Rock Construction LLC.MBE 1854 East 26th St., Erie, PA 16510(814)
General Contracting 
Carol Kaiser TruckingWBE2207 Linwood Ave., Erie, PA  16510(814) 899-3569n/aTrucking, Construction
Cindy Glover Trucking, Inc.WBE13925 French Creek Rd., Waterford, PA(814) 434-2559n/aHauling various aggregate materials
Concrete Services Corp.WBE3000 Blair Rd., Fairview, PA 16505(814) 474-4777n/aResidential & commercial concrete contractor
Crenshaw Brothers Construction, Inc.MBE1854 East 26th St., Erie, PA 16510(814)
General construction, drainage, water mains, storm; alternate number 814-898-4032
Ditrich Construction Supply, LLC. WBE813 E. 11th St., Erie, PA  16503(814) Distribution of Innovative Building Materials
Environmental Remediation & RecoveryWBE4250 Route 6N, Edinboro, PA 16412(814) 734-6411m.montague@environmental-remediation.netConsulting firm specializing in the assessment and remediation of soil & groundwater contamination
Ferg’s Construction/Tree Service MBE2004 German St., Erie, PA 16503(814) 602-0368n/aGeneral Construction, tree removal/trimming and stump grinding 
Jackson General Contracting MBE4110 Pine Avenue, Erie, PA 16504 (814) General Contractting 
Marsh & Marsh ConstructionMBE2805 Ash Street, Erie, PA 16504(814) Building Construction
Moore Distributors, Inc.WBE909 Kinter Hill Rd, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403(814) 796-6110n/a Wholesale Electric Equipment & Supplies
Moore’s Painting MBE n/a(814) Interior & Exterior painting 
Ninos Masonry MBE722 Parade Street, Erie PA 16503(814) 520- 3199ninoscustom@gmail.comConcrete Work, Brick Repair & restoration PA#180973
Parker Philips, Inc. WBE1250 Tower Lane, Erie, PA 16505 (888) 340-8432info@parkerphilips.comConsulting firm-economic impact analysis, marketing, public affairs, and research 
Pitre Home Remodeling, LLC. MBE2925 Hudson Road, Erie, PA 16508(814) Carpentry, painting, dry wall, flooring and more
Royal Homes Construction and Development, Inc. MBE1854 East 26th St., Erie, PA 16510(814)
General Contracting 
Rules Construction WBE1831 West 27th St., Erie, PA  16508(814) General construction, Painting, rehab and remodeling of homes/lead certified 
Safety Bathtub Depot & Construction, LLC. MBE2805 Ash Street, Erie, PA 16504(814) Construction 
White Pest Control MBE1716 Parade St., Erie, PA 16503(814) Pest Control/Exterminating
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