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Citizen Response Center

The Citizen Response Center is a customer service resource for all residents. If you have questions, complaints, concerns, or just don’t know who to talk to at City Hall, you can submit an inquiry online at or call 814-870-1111. We want all residents to have access to the information they need.

The Citizen Response Center is available to anyone who would like to submit a Complaint, Concern, Compliment, or just has a General Question. An example of each includes:

  • Complaint – My garbage was not picked up.
  • Concern – There is water bubbling up from the street.
  • Compliment – The renovation in Perry Square looks great! Nice job!
  • Question – Where can I obtain a vendor permit?

The Citizen Response Center is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM. Outside those hours please submit your query and the CRC will respond as soon as possible. The CRC is unmanned during weekends and holidays.

Pothole Hotline

Please call 814-870-1340 to report any potholes.

Staff Directory

City Hall

626 State Street
Erie, PA 16501-1128

Erie Police Department (Room 111)

Erie Fire Department (Room 509)

Mayor’s Office (Room 500)

City Clerk (Room 104)

Office of Communications (Room 508)

City Solicitor (Room 505)

City Treasurer (Room 105)

Office of the City Controller (Room 302)

Office of Personnel (Room 300)

Department of Finance (Room 309)

Office of Information Technologies (Room 305)

Economic and Community Development

Department of Public Works

Bureau of Refuse and Recycling (Room 507)

Bureau of Engineering (Room 400)

Division of Traffic Engineering (Room 508)

Office of Code Enforcement (Room 407)

Bureau of Streets (2001 French Street)

Bureau of Sewers (68 Port Access Road)

Berkheimer Income Tax Collector

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