Home and CDBG Applications

Procedures for the CDBG and HOME Application

Applications are currently being accepted for CDBG and HOME funding for the FY 2024 program year. The last day to submit applications to the Department of Economic and Community Development is January 26, 2024. Only applications received by this date will be considered.

All applications are thoroughly evaluated through a team approach. Those agencies applying under the Public Service category will be scheduled for an interview with the ranking team.

Applications must address one of the following:

  1. Does the request principally benefit low- and moderate-income persons?
  2. Does the request prevent or eliminate blight
  3. Does the request address an urgent need or problem in the community?

Projects are rated in nine areas:

  1. Benefit to Low- and Moderate-income persons
  2. Benefit to target areas
  3. Activity need and justification
  4. Cost reasonableness and effectiveness
  5. Activity management and implementation
  6. Experience and past performance
  7. Matching contributions and efforts to secure other funding
  8. Environmental justice
  9. Application completeness

This procedure allows us to thoroughly evaluate each request made to the City for funding and creates a more even playing field for all organizations and projects. If you have questions about eligibility please contact Debra Smith 814-870-1270 for more information.

Applications, Instructions, and Documentation

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