The Code Enforcement office in Room 407 of City Hall is responsible for reviewing, issuing and inspecting building permits.

  • Permit applications and associated requirements are based on permit type and structure type.
  • Permit Technicians are available Monday-Friday from 8am – 4pm in room 407 to process permits.
  • Payment of Cash, Check or Money Order will be accepted
  • Please contact one of our Permit Technicians are (814) 870-1313 or (814) 870-1473 regarding permit fees, LERTA application process, and submittal process to receive a permit.

PLEASE NOTE: There is limited public access at City Hall currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic precautions. Visitors are restricted to the lobby only.

In addition, the Code Enforcement office is still processing permit applications electronically. Permit applicants may provide the required drawings, forms, etc. via email for our review and approval. Please send all permit applications to:

Current Permit Fees

Permit Types

Permit types issued by the City are: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Demolition, Sign, Fence, Swimming Pool, Parking Lot, Child Care, Certificate of Occupancy [Change of Use], Occupant Load Placard.

Types of work regulated include:

  • New principle and/or accessory buildings or structures
  • Additions to buildings or structures
  • Renovation and repair of buildings or structures
  • Installation of new or modification of existing fire alarm systems in new or existing buildings or structures
  • Installation of new or modification of existing suppression systems in new or existing buildings or structures
  • Electrical work in new or existing buildings or structures
  • Plumbing work in new or existing buildings or structures
  • Mechanical work in new or existing buildings or structures
  • Demolition of entire or portions of existing principle and/or accessory buildings or structures
  • Installation of new or modification of existing signs
  • Installation of a new Fence or Swimming Pool
  • Installation of a new or modification of a Parking Lot
  • Certification of Child Care Facilities
  • Certification of the occupancy and/or Change of Use of existing buildings or structures
  • Certification of the legal number of occupants permitted in assembly spaces, buildings, or structures

Building Classifications

Buildings are classified as follows:
Residential – single and two-family dwellings: only applicable if this is the sole use of the entire structure.
Commercial – all other uses: applicable for all other uses.

Permitting Process

Permit application forms and all required supplemental information must be submitted to the Code Enforcement office for review and approval in order to obtain a permit. The permit application review process consists of the following steps:

  • Review of Application for Completeness – Requires Permit Technician Review
    • Property Information
    • Owner / Contractor Contact Information
    • Verification of Contractor / Developer Licensing Requirements
    • Project / Scope of Work Description
    • Construction / Design Drawings
    • Cost of Project
    • LERTA Application Form Request [Yes or No]
  • Determination of Zoning Compliance – Requires Zoning Officer Review
    • Change of Use [Yes or No]
    • Building Footprint change [Yes or No]
    • Site Plan [see example]
  • Determination of Building Code Compliance – Requires Building Inspector Review
    • Construction / Architectural Design Drawings
    • Commercial Plans are reviewed for compliance by a third party plan reviewer – BIU
  • Utility / Stormwater Management Compliance – Requires City Engineer Office Review
    • Utility / Civil Plans
    • Jason Sayers, City Engineer – or 814-870-1397

Permit Inspections and Completion

  • Once a permit has been issued, inspections at defined stages of the project are required to be scheduled by the applicant for our staff to conduct
  • All required inspections and approvals are required to be completed before the permit is closed

Work Not Requiring a Permit

Please contact the office at (814) 870-1313 or (814) 870-1473 to verify permit requirements.

Permit Applications

The following applications may be filled out and submitted to the Code Enforcement Office in Room 407 at City Hall, or emailed to

Contact Us

Andy Zimmerman
Manager of Code Enforcement

(814) 870-1470

Kristy Williams
Office/Licensing Cordinator

(814) 870-1475

Scott Heitzenrater
Building Inspector

(814) 870-1471

Sam Santana
Electrical Inspector

(814) 870-1472

Zack Kindle
Plumbing Inspector

(814) 870-1479

Michael Lavery
Demolition Coordinator

(814) 870-1509

Kelly Neville
Permit Tech

(814) 870-1473

Alexis Westman
Permit Technician

(814) 870-1313

Jake Binney
Code Enforcement Officer

(814) 870-1512

Donna Carson
Code Enforcement Officer

(814) 870-1484

Mike Higgins
Code Enforcement Officer

(814) 870-1487

Bud Palotas
Code Enforcement Officer

(814) 870-1496

Steve Yurkewicz
Code Enforcement Officer

(814) 870-1510

Jake Welsh
Chief Zoning Officer

(814) 870-1273

Amy Francis
Zoning Officer

(814) 870-1265

Andrea Kensill
Rental License Compliance Clerk

(814) 870-1478

Lindsay Bowers
Rental License Data Entry Clerk

(814) 870-1449

Issued Permits (click here)

Building Permits

To secure a building permit, the following information must be provided:

  • Property Address
  • Owner’s name and address
  • Contractor’s name, address and insurance
  • Designer/Architect
  • Building Inspection Underwriters’ approved plans (when applicable)
  • Total Cost of Project
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC contractors’ names and addresses (when applicable)

Residential Building Permits

After the project has been completed, it is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor to schedule an appointment for a final inspection.

You may apply for a Building Permit in the Code Enforcement Office, Room 407.

Plans must be provided for review by the Building Inspector. Once plans have been approved, you will receive your Building Permit upon paying the required permit fees. Payment of Cash, Check or Money Order will be accepted

Uniform Construction Code Requirements

  • Frost Depth: 48 inches
  • Ground Snow-Load: 40lbs
  • Wind-speed: 90 mph
  • Riser Height max: 8 ¼”
  • Minimum Tread Depth: 9”

Electrical Permits

An electrical permit application may be filed in the Code Enforcement Office, Room 407 of City Hall.

  • After review of the plans and fee payment, a permit shall be issued.

Permit must be displayed at job site!

  • An Electrical Real Estate Inspection for existing electric is available for $75. An Erie County Health Department Pool Inspection is available for $325.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the code official for all required inspections.

Application for Electrical Permit (PDF)
Application for Service Reactivation (PDF)

A permit is NOT required for the following minor jobs:

  • Replacement of lamps or the connection of approved portable electrical equipment to approved permanently installed receptacles
  • Replacement of a receptacle, switch or lighting fixture rated at 20 amps or less and operating at less than 150 volts to ground with a like or similar item. This shall not include replacement of receptacles in locations where ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection is required.
  • Replacement of installed electrically-operated equipment such as doorbells, communication systems and any motor operated device
  • Replacement of dishwashers, kitchen range hoods or battery-powered smoke detectors

Plumbing Permits and Inspection

  • A plumbing permit application may be filed in the Code Enforcement Office, Room 407 of City Hall.
  • After review of the plans and fee payment, a permit shall be issued.
  • Commercial plan reviews will be done by Building Inspections Underwriters (BIU).
  • BIU presently serves over 250 municipalities in the tri-state area, providing each one with the resources necessary to be in compliance with all federal, state and local codes. Building Inspection Underwriters
  • A Plumbing Real Estate Inspection is available for $50.

Zack Kindle – Plumbing Inspector
626 State Street, Room 407
Erie, PA 16501

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