Office of the City Controller

The Office of the City Controller is an autonomous office of the City of Erie headed by the City Controller an independently elected official. As a result, the office maintains its independent nature and provides for the financial oversight for the citizens of Erie. The Office of City Controller is empowered and responsible for all audit and budgetary controls for the City of Erie.

Council provides by ordinance for control of the city’s finances by the City Controller. This function includes, but is not limited to ensuring that an encumbrance form of budgeting is in operation, that expenditures are made only upon written requisition, and provides for pre-audit of all claims against the City. The City Controller is also responsible for establishing and maintaining the records of the municipal employees pension systems.

The duties of the City Controller include but are not limited to the following:

  • To examine, audit and verify all books, records, and accounts of the City of Erie.
  • To examine and approve all contracts, purchase orders and other documents by which the city incurs financial obligations.
  • To pre-audit and approve for payment all bills, invoices, payrolls and any other evidence of claims.
  • To submit to City Council, the Administration, The Commonwealth or Federal Government any reports required or requested by them.
  • To serve as a voting member on all pension boards and committees.
  • To serve as Treasurer on the Aggregate Pension Board.
  • To serve on the Water Reserve Sinking Fund Committee.
  • To perform audits on any city account, or wherever the city has a financial interest.

The above duties and responsibilities require that the Controller insure that all the above are in compliance with The Third Class City Code, all laws of the Commonwealth, Federal law, city administrative policy, and city ordinances. After all assurances are met, the signature of the Controller shall as a legal requirement be affixed to the aforementioned documents.

Additional Information

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