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A.Roll Call

B.Silent Meditation

C.Approval of Minutes/Bills


Repository Sales:

D.Citizens to Be Heard:On Zoom


E. ORDINANCES:  FOR FINAL PASSAGE1. Council File No. 16,172​​​Pending Official Ordinance No. 28-2020​

An ordinance appropriating the sum of $200,000.00 from unappropriated and anticipated revenue for the expenditure thereof (contribution from GannonUniversity).2. Council File No. 16,173​​​Pending Official Ordinance No. 29-2020

An ordinance appropriating the sum of $1,746,700.00 from unappropriated and anticipated revenue to be received from bond proceeds and utilized in the City of Erie 

Business Development Fund.3. Council File No. 16,174​​​Pending Official Ordinance No. 30-2020

An ordinance requiring After Hours ClubsBottle Clubs, and Dance Clubs to be licensed and inspected on an annual basis.

ORDINANCES:  FOR FIRST READING1. Council File No. 16,175​​​

An ordinance amending Number 26-1958, the Traffic Code of the City of Erie by the installation of a stop sign at one intersection.(West 25th Street and Myrtle Street- stopping Myrtle Street).2. Council File No. 16,176​​​

An ordinance appropriating the sum of $5,000.00 from unappropriated and unanticipated revenue to be contributed by the Erie Area Council of Governments to the City of Erie General Fund for use in the 2020 Census Marketing Campaign.3. Council File No. 16,177​​​

An ordinance amending Article 117 of the City of Erie’s Administrative Code to establish a Department of Planning and Neighborhood Resources and identifying the functions of the Department     .



​​​​1. A resolution sponsored by Mr. Brennan, seconded by Ms.Allen In Support of Online Accessibility of City of Erie Board and Authority Information for Public Understanding, Input, and Participation

WHEREAS, the City of Erie wishes to further its commitment to expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in government to provide varied perspectives and generate better ideas to help solve the complex problems of a changing and increasingly diverse world, and 

WHEREAS, City of Erie government relies greatly on the volunteer assistance from citizens from all walks of life to become involved and make a contribution to our community by serving on City of Erie boards and authorities, and

WHEREAS, the management of boards and authorities involves tracking the seats that are currently vacant, terms that are set to soon expire, terms set to expire within a year, and terms that have expired, but still have members serving in a holdover status, and

WHEREAS, some boards and authorities may require special areas of expertise, while others, a general public perspective from good hard-working citizens to carry out their taxpayer funded mission for benefitting the public good, and

WHEREAS, the City of Erie seeks to establish a transparent online resource that could provide information to candidates looking to serve on City of Erie boards and commissions, featuring an online interface to apply for, and to find, both current and future vacancies, and

WHEREAS, such an online tool would make it easier for elected officials to identify a larger pool of candidates, expand the diversity of potential candidates, give citizens a greater understanding of the roles of these authorities and boards, their missions, and clarity on who is designated to make decisions on a public’s behalf, and

WHEREAS, Pennsylvania cities such as Allentown, Harrisburg, Reading, as well as Lancaster County have already taken this important step to enhance public access, understanding, and opportunity to volunteer.

THEREFORE BEING RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Erie that a plan is to be formulated before the 2021 City of Erie budget passing for the online presentation of all boards and authorities, links to their websites, their bylaws, their mission, a current list of appointees, the listing of all vacancies online and a web based application system for a potential candidates.2. City Council is authorizing and directing the City Clerk to advertise for a Public Hearing on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at the Erie City Council meeting to discuss a proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance.  The proposed ordinance would define after-hours, dance clubs, and restrict their operation to commercial zones.3. Receiving the petition submitted by adjoining property owners requesting the closing andvacating of the southern portion of an existing alleyway adjacent to 950 and 954 West 23rd Street and touching back property line of 2223 and 2209 Cascade Street is hereby received along with the requisite filing fee of $300.00 and refer to the CityPlanning Commission recommendation and report thereon.4. Receiving the communications from City of Erie Authorities pursuant to Act 339 listing the names, positions and salaries of their respective employees for the six-month period ending June 30, 2020 is hereby received and ordered to be placed on file in the Office of Accounts, Finance and Budget:

Erie Airport Authority​Erie Redevelopment Authority​​

​Erie Housing Authority​Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority

​Erie Parking Authority​Erie County Convention Center Authority

​Erie Water Authority​​Erie-Western PA Port Authority

Erie Sewer Authority5. A resolution authorizing the following Flagship Fund grant be formally ratified:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Amount

Modern Tool Square​​​​​​$ 1,000.006. A resolution authorizing the following Flagship Fund grant be formally ratified:​​​​​​​​​​Amount

Sullivan’s Irish Pub​​​​​​$ 1,000.007. A resolution that the proposed Repository sale of property commonly known as 501 East 21st Street, Erie, PA and identified by Erie County Assessment Index Number 18-050-021.0-120.00; 502 East 21st Street/2023 Wallace Street, Index No. 18-050-021.0-313.00; 440 East 21st Street, Index No. 18-050-023.0-102.00, by the Erie County Tax Claim Bureau to Daniel Fiore, 201 Wallace Street, Erie, PA in the amount of $250.00 be hereby approved.​8. A resolution that the proposed Repository sale of property commonly known as the  southwest corner of West 19th and Cascade Streets, Erie, PA and identified by Erie County Assessment Index Number 19-060-029.0-108.00 by the Erie County Tax Claim Bureau to Patrick Groner, 4904  Perkins Avenue, Erie, PA in the amount of $250.00 be hereby approved.9. A resolution that the proposed Repository sale of property commonly known as 816 East 22nd Street, Erie, PA and identified by Erie County Assessment Index Number 18-050-033.0-127.00 by the Erie County Tax Claim Bureau to Kayla Cronauer, 1148 East 9th Street, Erie, PA in the amount of $250.00 be hereby approved.10. A resolution authorizing and directing the proper City officials to authorize signatures for the Agreement between the City of Erie and Erie County, for the operational study of the West 38th Street Corridor from Shunpike to Plum Street.  This study is being completed through the UPWP Program.  The Municipal share is 20% of the estimated project cost.  The total project cost is estimated to be $40,000.00 and the City share would be $8,000.00.


CONTRACTS1. Chivers Construction CompanyInc., 6700 Tow Rd, Fairview, PA 16415 for the Relief Storm Sewer Project, West 17th Street, Raspberry to Cranberry Street, Bid # 1770-20 in the amount of $180,360.10.2. PennDOTfor the municipal match for East 12th Street (SR 0005) Traffic Signal Improvements implemented through PennDOT Green Light-Go Program, for the Department of Public Works at a total amount of $53,572.91.3. Duke’s Root Control, Inc., 1020 Hiawatha Blvd., Syracuse, NY 13204 for a one (1) year extension for sewer line chemical control for 2020 for the Bureau of Sewers at a total cost of $30,000.00.

PURCHASE ORDERS1. DCED, 400 North Street 4th floor, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225, for State fees due for October, November,December 2019 (640 permits) and for January, February, March 2020 (553 permits) for the Bureau of Code Enforcement at a total cost of $5,328.50.2. Ronco Communications, PO Box 419897, Boston, MA 02441-9897 for a one year renewal of the maintenance agreement on the central hardware thatmakes up our phone system for the Office of Computer Services at a cost of $19,825.32.3. Northwest Restoration Inc.4460 Phyllis Drive, Erie, PA 16510 Labor & Equipment to Aid in Partial Demolition of the Ravine Drive Wing Wall Bridge for the Department of Risk Management at a cost of$4,750.4. Pavement Maintenance Co. LLC120 East 32ndStreet, Erie, PA 16504 for pavement markings at W. 38th St. & Cherry St. and W 25th St and Myrtle St, for the Department of Public Works, at a total cost of $6,447.00.5. Pathmaster, Inc., 1960 Midway Drive, Twinsburg, OH 44087 for signal cable and maintenance supplies, for the Department of Public Works at a total cost of $5,424.00.6. Traffic Products, 28 N. Bacton Hill Road, Malvern, PA 19355 for signal cable and maintenance supplies, for the Department of Public Works at a total cost of $2,811.00.7. Lake Shore Industries, Inc., 1817 Poplar St., Erie, PA 16502 for Bollards for Perry Square in the amount of $3,938.00.8. Ace Viking, Inc., 2222 East 30th Street, Erie, PA 16510 for the emergency purchase of a Baldor Motor for the Chlorine Water Pump at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Bureau of Sewers at a total cost of $2.902.00.9. Estabrook, PO Box 804, Berea, OH 44017 for a knife gate valve to replace a malfunctioning unit in t #3 East Primary tank at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at a total amount of $2,620.00.10. Electrical Repair Technology, LLC, 922 ½ Bacon Street, Erie, PA 16511 for a repair of the #7 Return Activated Sludge pump (RAS) at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at a total amount of $9,865.00.11. Security Risk Management Consultants LLC (SRMC), 150 East Mound St. Suite 308, Columbus, OH 43215 to provide security-consulting services for City Hall. SRMC will address the reopening of City Hall and its COVID-19 related needs as well as some long term City Hall security concerns for the Department of Risk Management of the City of Erie at a cost of $14,858.00.12. CityGrows, Inc., 1654 Micheltorena Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026 the annual online software program used to process management/workflow system for the Office of Computer Services at a total amount of $4,999.00.13. Water Supply Innovations LLC, PO Box 7301, Langhorne, PA 19047 for the TurboDraft Fire Educator for the Bureau of Fire at a total cost of $ ArchiveSocial, P.O. 3330, Durham, NC 27702 to provide comprehensive social media record-keeping solutions to help government agencies remain compliant with public record laws and activity management risks online, starting August 5, 2020 – December 31, 2020, for  the City of Erie at a total cost of $3,279.35.



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