City of Erie Authorities, Boards, and Commissions Highlight

Over the next few days, we will highlight some of the City of Erie Authorities, Boards, and Commissions for which the Mayor and City Council are seeking applicants.
The Zoning Hearing Board functions in a quasi-judicial capacity. Board members must maintain impartiality in matters that may come before it for adjudication and decision. In making decisions, the zoning hearing board is limited to the record made before it during required hearing(s).Number of Board Members: 5 members + 2 alternates How many needed: 3 members +2 alternatesPowers and Duties
The Zoning Hearing Board is authorized to conduct hearings and render decisions in specific areas of review including:• Applications for a variance (from a specific zoning ordinance requirement)
• Applications for a use by special exception• Appeal from a Zoning Officer’s determination• Substantive challenges to the validity of any land use ordinance
Skills/Expertise: Land use/zoning, development, real estate, construction, planning, law. Ability to distinguish relevant facts and considerations from testimony when hearing appeals in order to make logical conclusions and decisions; technical-based intelligence; good judgment; and understanding of community development objectives as contained within the zoning ordinance or stated in the Erie Refocused comprehensive plan.Requirements: Must be a resident of the City of Erie; may not hold an elective office or be appointed to the Planning Commission.
Term: 5 yearsAppointed by: City Council
If you are dedicated to and passionate about our community and have the required skill set and expertise to help lead our Authorities, Boards, and Commissions into the future, we invite you to apply at

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