Statement from the City of Erie regarding the George Floyd Case

Our City’s thoughts and prayers are with George Floyd’s family and the City of Minneapolis. The death of George Floyd put a spotlight on the struggles our communities of color face. Our administration and police department are working hard with our community partners to strengthen police and community relations.

We will continue to strive for an Erie that respects and values our diversity, because that is what makes us stronger. We are truly better together, and no matter what, we need to stand as a community and make sure our voices are heard. Here are the things we are committed to and working on to make our community safe and welcoming for all:

In the past year, we have:
• Implemented body-worn and dashboard cameras
• Facilitated required diversity, equity, and inclusion and de-escalation training for all police
• Established in 2018 and continued the DOJ’s Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships Council (SPCP) which was nationally-piloted in Erie
• Earmarked approximately $2 million to fund community-policing initiatives

We are currently working on:
• Collaborating with the Better Together Council on the Erie Racial Justice Policy Initiative to identify and amend policies that perpetuate racial injustices and inequity in Erie County
• Pursuing a grant to hire an independent consultant to evaluate existing city of Erie policies and procedures to identify, re-write, and/or remove any inherent racism with the goal of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do
Our number one goal is to make Erie a place where every resident feels highly valued for their unique talents, skills, and perspectives. It won’t happen overnight. If we can achieve this, imagine what a wonderful place Erie will be.

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