City of Erie to Address Public Safety on Dobbins Landing

May 28, 2021 – Erie, Pa. – The City of Erie will be taking proactive measures to address litter, disruptive behavior, and public safety at Dobbins Landing.

Bayfront businesses have reached out to the City for help, citing public safety and security concerns that began last summer and have continued into 2021 as the weather has improved. 

The businesses described multiple concerns including:

  • Parking access
  • Vehicles blocking streets/businesses
  • Engine revving/peeling out
  • Drag Racing
  • Loud music 
  • Grilling out in front of restaurants
  • Unpermitted vendors
  • Trespassing on private property
  • Setting off fireworks without a permit and license 
  • Litter, including drug paraphernalia

“The business owners communicated to us that disruptive behavior was occurring late into the night and that they do not want to see that happen again this summer,” said Erie Police Department Chief Dan Spizarny. “Dobbins Landing is a public dock and should be enjoyed safely by everyone.”

The Erie Western PA Port Authority will continue to close Dobbins Landing to vehicular traffic at 10:30 p.m. This does not include pedestrians, who will continue to have access.

The Erie Police and Fire Departments encourage motorists to use the parking ramp instead of street parking so that emergency vehicles can pass through the area safely. The City’s Public Works Department has enhanced street sweeping operations and refuse removal to address litter.

The City will be closely monitoring the situation and will assess the need for additional steps.


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