Department of Justice Report on SPCP

Since Mayor Schember took office in 2018, he has been committed to improving police and community relations. To assist with this initiative in April 2018, the Department of Justice/ Community Relations Service (CRS) piloted the Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships (SPCP) program in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

To ensure the issues and concerns of police and community relations were addressed, approximately 79 individuals assembled.

The following groups were represented:

  • Youth
  • Refugees and New Americans
  • Faith community
  • Erie Police Officers
  • Social services groups
  • Small business owners
  • Community groups
  • Representatives from civil rights organizations 

The executive summary and final case study of the SPCP program will highlight the impacts of the program that closely align to police-community relations, including perceptions of: 

  • Improved trust between community members and police 
  • Decreased racial tensions in the community 
  • Improved relationships between community members and police 
  • Increased community capacity

Please visit the documents below to learn more.

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