West 8th Street Corridor Improvements Project

West 8th Street Corridor Improvements Project

Work to include ADA curb ramps, pedestrian lighting, and tree planting

(Erie, PA) – City of Erie proudly announces that work on the West 8th Street Corridor Improvements Project will begin in Spring of 2022.

A resolution was passed for the West 8th Street Corridor Improvements Project by City Council at their Wednesday, March 2, 2022 meeting.

The West 8th Street work will take place between Pittsburgh Avenue and Greengarden Road, beginning in the Spring of 2022. The project will provide streetscape and mobility enhancements for pedestrians and motorists along the corridor.

Specifically, the project will include such items as asphalt resurfacing, pavement markings, inlets, curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons, ADA curb ramps, pedestrian lighting, and tree planting.  In addition, a new traffic signal, including a left-turn lane for both eastbound and westbound traffic, will be installed at the West 8th & Lincoln intersection.

“I am very happy that City Council worked with us to make this project a reality.  The West 8th Street Corridor Improvements Project is one of the many transformational projects happening in the City,” said Mayor Joe Schember. 

Schember continued, “I look forward to seeing progress like this make the City of Erie more accessible for residents and visitors who come here to experience all we have to offer.  8th Street is one of the main corridors for many who come Downtown or to the Bayfront.  These improvements will greatly enhance mobility of those who visit and reside in the area.”

The timeline for city’s West 8th Street project completion date is Oct. 19, 2022.

The virtual plans display, which includes digital picture boards, can be accessed by visiting the PennDOT District 1 website:  www.penndot.gov/District1.  Click on Public Meetings/Studies listed under the Resources heading, and choose the Erie County box, followed by the tile marked “West Eighth Street Multimodal Project”.

The City of Erie and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) have previously executed Multimodal Transportation Fund Grant Agreement No. 01 0X29 for the project.  The total amount of the grant is $ 2,550,000.00, of which $2,149,475 is designated for construction and $ 400,525.00 is designated for construction inspection. The lowest responsible bidder is M and B Services, LLC, 15303 Route 322, Clarion, PA 16214.

A summary of the project’s funding is as follows:

271-0707-0000-4075 (Grant-Construction) $2,149,475.00

017-0707-0000-4075 (City)                          $ 925,000.00

022-0713-0000-4075 (City)                          $ 263,235.00

                      Total:                                       $3,337,710.00

This project is being funding through a state Act 89 Multimodal Transportation grant and matching funds from the City of Erie.


Media Contacts:

Consultant Project Manager Jason Sayers, P.E., at JSayers@erie.pa.us or 814-870-1397 or PennDOT Project Manager Lyndsie DeVito at ldevito@pa.gov or 814-678-7174.

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