City of Erie Begins Continues Search for Members of Trades Licensing Board

Officials in the City of Erie welcome all qualified persons to apply to serve on our Trades Licensing Board.

The Trades Licensing Board is comprised of 13 members:

(1) 2 general contractors

(2) ​2 electrical contractors

(3)​ 2 plumber contractors

(4) ​2 mechanical contractors

(5)​ 1 sheet metal worker

(6)​ 1 low-voltage/life safety installer

(7)​ 1 sprinkler contractor

(8)​ 1 architect/professional engineer

(9)​ 1 member of the public

Interested applicants should be available to attend monthly or semi-monthly meetings and be willing to engage in preparation time in-between meetings.

To start, terms will be staggered with one-, two-, and three-year appointments. All appointments will be eligible to be renewed for full three-year terms.

The purpose of the board is to:

1. Review applications for licensing of contractors and tradesmen, recommending approval or denial of applications to the City of Erie’s Building Code Official.

2. Review applications for temporary licensing & registration, hold hearings on appeals for the issuance of temporary licenses, and make recommendations to the City of Erie’s Building Code Official regarding temporary licenses. The Building Code Official may issue apprentice and journeyman licenses without board approval for temporary licenses only.

These licenses will expire 90 days after issuance.

3. Make recommendations to the City of Erie’s Building Code Official for the revocation or suspension of licenses.

Interested potential committee members should reside within Erie County.

The deadline to apply is end of day on October 31, 2022.

To apply for this board and see other resources available, please visit

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