Survey results released for City’s Active Erie Transportation plan’s bikeway project; Mayor makes recommendation

On April 4, 2023, Erie City Council held a study session on the Active Erie Transportation Plan. The City’s consultant, WRA, reviewed the Active Erie plan, which was unanimously passed by City Council in February 2021. Mayor Joe Schember and his staff presented the results of the Active Erie bikeway survey, which was open from March 17-31, 2023.

The City received 676 responses to the online survey, which gauged public opinion on adding dedicated bike lanes to some City streets as part of the Active Erie transportation plan.

Of the survey respondents, 72% favor dedicated bike lanes in general. A summary of all the survey results can be found at A listing of all comments registered as part of the survey can be found at (for the question about the three options offered by our consultant for the Greengarden bikeway) and (for the question about the five options offered by our consultant for bikeways, generally, in the City).

None of the posted comments were organized, ranked, revised or edited in any way. They appear in the order and manner in which they were received (via spreadsheet) from the survey. Only personal information from the spreadsheet (like addresses) was removed, and more readable .pdf documents were created from the spreadsheet information.

Mayor’s recommendation:

Following the presentation of the survey results and a bidding and construction timeline, Mayor Joe Schember recommended – as part of Phase 1 of the Bikeway Project – a buffered, painted bike lane with no physical barriers and the removal of on-street parking for Greengarden Boulevard between West 26th and West 38th streets.

“After listening to our consultant and to the public,” Schember said on Wednesday, “We are making this recommendation because adding dedicated bike lanes, where we can, will follow the plan recommendations, make cycling safer, calm traffic, and will make Erie a more welcoming community for everyone.”

More details about the Active Erie Transportation plan, which includes the bikeway project, can be found at

What’s next:

The City will request construction bids for the Greengarden Bikeway project. A project funding vote by City Council is anticipated in August 2023. If approved, construction will likely take place in the Fall of 2023 or Spring of 2024.

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