Week 3 Love Your Block project kicks off on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the City of Erie’s Love Your Block team begins this summer’s third project week – through Aug. 26 – with 10 minor home repair and cleanup projects in the Lakeside neighborhood. That area is bounded by Gilson Avenue to the west, Franklin Avenue to the east, Lakeside Drive to the north, and East 12th Street to the south.

Continuing today through Saturday, volunteers and Love Your Block team members will spread out to work with neighbors selected to receive mini-grants for small projects including porch painting and repair, handrail installation, landscaping, large item removal, and mailbox and house number installation. Crews from the City’s Streets Department are also assisting with the projects.

Patricia Poston, at left, checks out the painting work being done, on July 20, 2023, on the front porch of her home in the 900 block of East Ninth Street in Erie. On this day, as part of the first project week of the summer for the Love Your Block initiative, volunteers worked in the East Avenue neighborhood, which includes East Ninth Street. “I’m all about beautifying the neighborhood,” said Poston, who is grateful for the Love Your Block volunteers, who are “making things neat and clean,” she said. CHRISTOPHER MILLETTE/CITY OF ERIE
  • Start times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m.; Thursday, 1 p.m.
  • Start location: Edison Elementary School, 1921 East Lake Rd.

The Love Your Block initiative aligns with Mayor Joe Schember’s vision to provide welcoming, vibrant neighborhoods for Erie.

“We want to build opportunity, restore hope, and transform Erie,” said Mayor Schember, referring to his administration’s Mission Statement. “Programs like this are helping us do that in these neighborhoods, and with some of the people who need it the most. We are excited to be doing it.”

The Week 4 project week, the final project week of this summer, runs from Aug. 29 – Sept. 2 in the Marvintown neighborhood.

For more information:

To learn more about Love Your Block, visit our website: cityof.erie.pa.us/loveyourblock. To volunteer, fill out the registration form at our website or call the Love Your Block office at 814-870-1276.

Volunteer Olivia Wickline, at left, and Love Your Block team member Gretchen Kerr, at right, prepare a handrail for painting, on July 27, 2023, in the 700 block of East Seventh Street in the East Bayfront neighborhood of Erie. The home, owned by Yolonda Dunn, is receiving small repairs during Week 2 of the City’s Love Your Block neighborhood improvement project. CHRISTOPHER MILLETTE/CITY OF ERIE
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