Special Event – Solar Eclipse

Lower State Street north of the Bayfront Parkway will be closed to traffic (like it is during the Tall Ships festival). This will allow visitors to walk down to the waterfront and watch the eclipse. Sheraton Bayfront Hotel and Hampton Inn Bayfront guests driving vehicles to their accommodations will be directed to their respective destinations by Erie Police officers.

To ensure emergency vehicles have safe routes, the following no parking areas will be posted:

West 2nd Street from State Street to Cascade Street will be posted ‘no parking’ along the north side of the road.  This corresponds with the normal no parking Mondays.

Route 20 (East and West 26th Street) will be posted ‘no parking’ either side of the street from Elm Street to Elmwood.  This will provide space for drivers to pull over upon the approach of any emergency vehicles. 

Lincoln Ave from the Bayfront Parkway north to 8th Street will be posted ‘no parking’.

Greengarden Blvd. from West 12th Street to West 8th Street will be posted ‘no parking’.

For more information, visit here: Eclipse – Erie, PA

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