2023 Stormwater Fee – Final Notices Reminder

The City of Erie extended 2023 Stormwater Fee due date May 31st, 2024, at the 10% penalty amount, is quickly approaching. Annual stormwater fees enable the City of Erie to address critical infrastructure needs to the City’s aging storm sewer system. The original due date of December 31,2023 was extended five months to ensure residents had ample time to submit payment.

Failure to pay the Stormwater fee may result in a lien on personal property in accordance with the Municipal Claims Act 53 P.S. Section 7101.  If payment is not received on or before May 31st, 2024; lien costs start at $78, and a 1.5% penalty for every 30 days will be applied.

Stormwater commonly refers to water runoff from snow, ice and rain. In natural settings, the water soaks into surfaces and flows into adjacent streams and rivers. In urbanized areas, natural surfaces are often replaced with hard or impervious surfaces such as houses, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, patios, and other similar structures. When not properly controlled, stormwater can overwhelm streams, cause flooding, soil erosion, and can contribute to surface water pollution.

In the fall of 2022, the City of Erie enacted a new Stormwater Ordinance Fee to provide a dedicated funding source to more adequately maintain and reinvest in the City’s aging stormwater infrastructure. The ordinance established an annual fee for every developed parcel in the City, regardless of taxable status, to defray the costs of the City’s Stormwater Management Program. The stormwater fee will provide dedicated revenue and enable the City to provide enhanced maintenance, plan system replacement of existing infrastructure, and meet federal and state regulations for stormwater management.

Property owners can pay their bills:

At the City’s Treasurer’s office, 626 State St.

Or checks can be mailed to: City of Erie Treasurer, c/o First National Bank of PA, P.O. Box 1534, Hermitage PA 16148-0534

Find all the FAQs and more information about the program at cityof.erie.pa.us/stormwater-management. If you have questions, please call 814-870-1373. 

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