City announces paving, other projects as part of 2024 Road Improvement Plan 

Erie Mayor Joe Schember and Public Works Director Jason Sayers have announced $3.9 million in projects for the 2024 paving and construction season as part of the 2024 Road Improvement Plan which includes: 

  • 182,371 square yards of roadway resurfacing material. (That’s enough to pave almost 29 football fields!) 
  • about 22,300 tons of new asphalt 
  • 10.5 linear miles of roadway will be paved this summer, which equates to about 21.0 lane miles.

The 2024 Road Improvement Plan in broken down into phases:   

Phase 1- Two (2) segments with work performed by the City’s Bureau of Streets.  They are: 

  • Segment #1: Funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and will focus on low- to moderate- income neighborhoods, designated by the federal government ($550,000.00).  
  • Segment #2: Will focus on areas outside of the designated CDBG zones throughout the City ($225,000.00).   

Phase 2- Two (2) Contract Projects that will be competitively bid.  They are:  

  • Contract #1: Milling and resurfacing road reconstruction project, paid for with CDBG funding. 
  • All of the work will take place within the designated CDBG areas. 
  • Work is anticipated to begin in July with expected completion in September 2024.   
  • $725,000.00.   
  • Contract #2: Milling and resurfacing project, paid for with Liquid Fuels funding that the City receives through the Pennsylvania gas tax. 
  • Work is anticipated to begin in July with expected completion in September.   
  • $1,200,000.00.   

Other contracted work includes: 

  • Installation of ADA-compliant curb ramps throughout the City.  
  • A Crack Filling & Pavement Edge Sealing contract at various locations within the City.  The anticipated cost is $100,000.00 – approximately 5,700 gallons of product.    
  • Various traffic-related projects throughout the City ($400,000.00).  

Projects currently under design include:   

  • Roadway reconstruction project on East Lake Road from East Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue.  This project will consist of the removal of the asphalt base and sub-base layer. The funding for this project is a Local Share Account (LSA) grant, awarded through the PA Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA).  The grant amount is $450,000.00.        
  • Cement concrete slab replacement project on Port Access Road from East Bay Drive to the driveway of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This project received $220,000.00 in funds through the Erie County Local Federal Aid Routes (LFAR) line item, as approved by the Erie Metropolitan Planning Organization.   

For all of these projects, residents can expect: 

  • road closure once for the milling operation 
  • road closure once for the paving operation 
  • “No parking” signs installed a minimum of 3 days prior to work taking place. 
  • Please do not drive through work zones. 

As always, this is the PROPOSED paving schedule and is subject to change based on economic factors, bid pricing, or other conditions. 

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