Residential Rental Registration

The purpose of the City of Erie’s Residential Rental Registration Program is to protect and promote the public health of its citizens,
and to encourage owners and occupants to maintain and improve the quality of rental housing within the community.

  • There is a growing concern in the community with the general decline in the physical condition of residential rental units.
  • The Residential Rental Registration program provides for a systematic inspection program, registration and licensing of residential rental units, and the charge of penalties for those who are not in compliance.


Any person or organization must submit a City of Erie Residential Rental Registration form for any rental unit they believe to be exempt from this program.  Supporting documentation will be required as follows:

Owner-Occupied Rental-Unit Exemption

  • Exemption only applies to the unit in the rental property that you own and reside.
  • Provide a copy of a photo ID with your legal address listed (i.e., driver’s license or notarized statement as proof of residency).

Family-Occupied Rental-Unit Exemption

  • This dwelling unit will be exempt if no net income is earned by the owner.
  • Exemption only applies to parent, parent-in-law or adult children currently living in the house/building you own.
  • Provide proof of relationship by one of the following methods:
    1. Where the parent or child have the same last name as the owner, a copy of their photo ID which includes their legal address will be required.
    2. Where the parent or child does not have the same last name as the owner, a notarized statement of the relationship will be required.  If the applicant can provide any other legal means of proof (i.e., birth or marriage certificates), this will be accepted in place of a notarized statement.

Housing Authority of the City of Erie – Section 8 Rental-Unit Exemption

  • Indicate any rental unit that falls under this category.  This office regularly audits Housing Authority records as a means of verification.  However, if you are subject to County, State, or Federal licensing and inspection, documentation from an International Agency (or an equivalent standard) listing all the codes the structure was inspected to should be provided.

If this office deems supporting documentation provided by property owners seeking any of the above stated exemptions is sufficiently met, the inspection requirements and said unit rental fee will be waived.  Re. Article 330 Landlord and Rental.

  • This ordinance requires all non-owner occupied residential units to be registered annually and inspected once every two years.
  • In the case of units that have been sold, transferred or newly constructed, the new owner shall seek a Rental Registration for each unit purchased or acquired within 60 days.
  • The annual fee for this program is $40 per unit; late fees will be applied (see Section 330.03 of the Ordinance for details)

For Further Information please refer to the 
Residential Rental Registration Ordinance
and the Checklists and Forms.

You may also contact:

Lindsay Bowers, Rental License Compliance Clerk

Andrea Kensill, Rental License Compliance Clerk

NOTE: In order to properly process a Rental License Registration form for your property, the following information is REQUIRED:
Liability Insurance Company, Policy Number, Policy Expiration Date (month/day/year)

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