City of Erie Winter Operations and Tips

The City of Erie Department of Public Works is on a mission to help our residents get where they need to go. The reality, however, is that in Erie, Pennsylvania, we endure tough weather conditions throughout all four seasons, especially in winter. But we Erieites are a resilient, hearty bunch, and we don’t let the snow stop us.  Unfortunately, sometimes the snow comes so heavy and so fast that strategies for clearing the roads can be a challenge to effectively and efficiently implement given constraints. The City of Erie understands winter services are vital to our residents, and we are always as prepared as we can be and are dedicated to keeping roads open and passable during every winter storm. Please use the information on these pages to learn the details of our approach to winter, how we maintain nearly 600 miles of roads and multiple bridges, and how you can help too.

City of Erie Winter Operations

Snow Emergency Declaration

Winter, by the Numbers

Road Treatments

What Can You Do To Help?

Winter Driving Tips

What to do in an Emergency

How to Report Power Outages and Downed Lines

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