About Active Erie

What is Active Erie?

Active Erie is an active transportation plan to improve conditions for people walking and bicycling in the City of Erie. We envision a network of streets that are beautiful, comfortable, and safe community spaces where people want to be, whether they are walking, riding a bike, taking transit, or driving a vehicle.

What is Active Transportation?

Transportation plays a critical role in every community. It connects people to places they need to go and people they need to see. Everyone has a right to get to their destination safely, whether traveling by foot, bicycle, bus, or car. Active forms of transportation like walking and biking provide a convenient, healthy, and affordable way to get around Erie.

About the Plan

In October, 2019, the city of Erie began a master planning process that focuses on building a network of bike and pedestrian facilities throughout the community. The plan should be completed by the fall of 2020. The transportation firm of Whitman, Requardt and Associates LLP (WRA) was hired to help the city develop a plan that accommodates residents who use methods other than cars to get around our city. 

WRA is helping the City develop goals and a roadmap for all residents that enhance their ability to get to work, schools, parks or their home in a safe and comfortable way. This study is led by a steering committee of various stakeholders who have a vested interest in mobility and public spaces.

Active Erie Steering Committee

  • City of Erie Traffic Engineer
  • City of Erie Engineer
  • City of Erie Fire
  • City of Erie Planning Commission
  • City of Erie Planning Director
  • Erie Public Schools
  • EMTA
  • Erie Arts and Culture
  • Erie Community Foundation
  • Erie Downtown Partnership
  • Mayor’s Disability Roundtable
  • Millcreek Township
  • Erie County MPO
  • Bike Erie
  • Erie County Department of Health
  • MCRC – Refugee Representative
  • PennDOT District 1
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