LGBTQ+ Advisory Council


In Erie, we strive to be a welcoming, equitable, inclusive community where we celebrate our rich diversity of cultures. Everyone has unique talents, skills, and perspectives. We believe that the color of your skin, the language you speak, the part of the world you come from, the faith you practice, the side of State Street you live on, your age, your customs, your sexual orientation, and your gender preference, all make you the unique person you are and that each and every person brings value to our community.

We created the Mayor’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Council to inform our team about the issues facing our LGBTQ+ family, friends, and colleagues. The Council is comprised of a diverse group that holds many different vantage points so that we can get a comprehensive view of our community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through their eyes. We are working together to identify, implement, and communicate projects, programs, and ideas that will make our community even more welcoming and accepting of all residents. If you have a question, concern, or idea, please contact one of our liaisons.





City Hall LGBTQ+ Liaisons

The Erie City Mayor’s Office liaison to the LGBTQ+ Community is Chief of Staff Renée M. Lamis.
Phone: 814-870-1206 or Email:

The Erie City Police Department liaison to the LGBTQ+ Community is Sgt. Stan Tuznik.

Phone: 814-870-1101 or Email:

LGBTQ+ Council

    • Pam Anthony
    • Marshall Blount
    • Tania Bogatova
    • Natalie Braddock
    • Kim Conti
    • Season Crannell
    • Emily Crofoot, supervisor of the High Impact Prevention program at Northwest Alliance. Serves on the Erie County HIV Task Force, works with different community organizations to educate and reduce the stigma of HIV, offers education, prevention and HIV testing to the community, including LGBTQ+ youth and adults.
    • Kathy Czarnecki-Smith
    • Michael Grasso
    • Caitlin Handerhan
    • Kyle Hannon Since 2007, Kyle has served as the Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Manager for United States Senator Bob Casey. He is current Board Member of the Greater Erie Alliance for Equality (GEAE), and formerly served on the Boards of the Northwest PA Pride Alliance and SafeNET.
    • Melina Harden
    • Tammie Johnson
    • Paul Lukach
    • Michael Mahler is a programmer analyst at Erie Custom Computer Applications, Co-editor and webmaster of Erie Gay News, Treasurer for NW PA Pride Alliance, Board Member for Drenched Fur, and serves on the Erie County HIV Task Force.
    • Leah Manino, Regional VP of Commercial Lending for Northwest Bank. An Erie native, committed to serving our community through work as President of Greater Erie Alliance for Equality. Other civic roles include President of Lakeshore Community Services, President of Northwest Institute of Research and Director of HANDS.
    • Reverend Richard McCarty
    • Leroy Oglesby
    • Lucy Reyes
    • Alison Scarpitti
    • Kevin Seeker is a partner at Engel O’Neill, an advertising and public relations firm. He sits on the board of several Erie organizations and non-profits. He is a super cool and awesome guy.
    • Gary Snyder
    • Alex Sphon, NWPA Pride Alliance President, serves on the Erie County HIV task force, Penn State Behrend and Erie School district Alumni, works at National Fuel.
    • Caitlyn Strohmeyer is a social worker, community advocate, and a transgender woman. She is employed as a Crisis Clinician at Safe Harbor Behavioral Health of UPMC Hamot – Crisis Services. Caitlyn began living her truth very publicly ten years ago and has since dedicated herself to the cause of LGB and transgender social justice. Caitlyn is Founder, Board Advisor, and former President of TransFamily of NWPA, a transgender support and advocacy organization. Her current focus in the community is working with UPMC Hamot and St. Vincent Hospital to improve the quality of, and access to culturally-competent medical and mental health care for LGBTQ people in the region.
    • Rose Marie Surma
    • Jackson Surma
    • Linda Thomas
    • Jewels Frantz
    • Tyler Titus
    • Jasse Camacho Vera
    • Erin Wincek
    • Marcy Hall

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