LGBTQ+ Council

We look forward to working with the LGBTQ+ community in helping to make Erie an inclusive, diverse, and fair city. If you have suggestions or would like to become involved in supporting making Erie a more LGBTQ+ friendly city, please contact one of our LGBTQ community liaisons.

The Erie City Mayor’s Office liaison to the LGBTQ+ Community is Chief of Staff Renée M. Lamis. Phone: 814-870-1206 or Email:

The Erie City Police Department liaison to the LGBTQ+ Community is Sgt. Stan Tuznik. Phone: 814-870-1101 or Email:

LGBTQ+ Council

Pam Anthony
Marshall Blount
Tania Bogatova
Natalie Braddock
Kim Conti
Season Crannell
Emily Crofoot
Kathy Czarnecki-Smith
Michael Grasso
Caitlin Handerhan
Kyle Hannon
Melina Harden
Tammie Johnson
Paul Lukach
Michael Mahler
Leah Manino
Reverend Richard McCarty
Leroy Oglesby
Lucy Reyes
Alison Scarpitti
Kevin Seeker
Gary Snyder
Alex Sphon
Caitlyn Strohmeyer
Rose Marie Surma
Jackson Surma
Linda Thomas
Jewels Frantz
Tyler Titus
Erin Wincek
Marcy Hall

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